Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014 Goals Update: September


This is how I spent about an hour of my day between class and work: knitting on a hat for a classmate while listening to Judges in preparation to start my second Old Testament paper. September absolutely flew by. I cannot believe we're already into our sixth week of school. (It's pretty fantastic here). Today I'm feeling very blessed.

Now onto the goals...I cannot wait for 2015's goals. (;

1: one self portrait (per week)
week thirty-six | week thirty-seven | week thirty-eight | week thirty-nine

2: compose photos (every day)
"Success, I think. I still haven't gotten all the pictures compiled into one folder on my computer yet, and it's getting a little hazy. I think so, though." Seriously just the same as last month. I think some, like WIP Wednesdays, were only pictures of my projects, but whatever.
244 | 245 | 247 | 248 | 255 | 256 | 258 | 263 | 264 | 265 | 266 | 268 | 269 | 270 | 

3: read the Bible (every day)
Not for quiet time purposes. I'm only human...

4: journal (daily)
Nope. And it doesn't bother me. I probably should do one of those "day in the life" or something, though...

5: blog (daily)
I think so. Some were definitely just written the next day, but it's the 30th day of the month and this will be the 30th post, so that works for me.

6: walk
All the time. All the walking. And I love it.

7: bike
Nope. I'd really like to take a ride along the lake shore before it gets too cold, though!

8: 52 projects
Yes! I made progress! Three have been blogged about, and two more will be posted this week. Pretty good, if I do say so myself. Not sure if I've mentioned it yet, but I knit or crochet, like, all the time. In chapel, in class, during Joe's Live on Monday nights...just whenever I can.
project 20 |  project 21 | project 22

9: 52 books
Nope! Didn't finish a single book this month. I'm getting a tad worried now that I won't hit my goal...except I will totally have to because I have never been so close!! 
what I read this month

10: experiment with photography
A teeny bit, I suppose. Will definitely try to squeeze in some more in October while I have two sets of visitors come in!
one | two

11: make six new meals for the family

12: learn to play the keyboard

13: at least one photo book

14: travel
It's all about exploring the city now! See: photography. Those are the times I've really gotten out.

- rl

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