Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday

While it doesn't look like I made a lot of progress on anything this week, I actually completed three different projects! Yes, really. One has already been blogged, then the next two will come Thursday and Friday. I pulled my backpack out again (it didn't hibernate very long...) and have decided I will attempt to work on it while doing my reading for Old Testament. Read one chapter, crochet a little, repeat. The shrug has been ignored because it is very annoying to pull the yarn. I put A Royal Match on hold, then realized it will be a good book to read on the go (during breaks at work, on the el to Target, etc), while my Jane Austen bind up can sit in my room and get a little bit read each day. The thing is huge and has all seven books, and I suspect it will take me a year to get through it all, which is fine with me.

I hate really large paragraphs, but I've got a lot to do, so this will have to be fine! (:

- rl

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