Friday, February 20, 2015

To a Most Beloved Sister,

Today is this cutie's birthday! This was her last month, trying to get the hang of crochet. After a craft night with friends we happen to work with, we headed over to one's apartment to watch Austenland. Such a hilarious movie for us Pride & Prejudice fans! My mom had helped Jenna learn to crochet a few days before this, so we had gone over the basics again and she got a lot done! It's so much fun to watch people learn how to knit.

Today, though, Jenna is probably at work. I wish I was with you, Jenna! Our working together last year made us a lot closer, so it's such a treat now when I come back home and we see each other almost daily again. Jenna's the best sister (and manager!) a girl could ask for. J-bird, you inspire me all the time. I miss you daily. I love you dearly. See you in two weeks!

- rl

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Founder's Week: Part Two

Another snippet of Founder's Week, brought to you by my iPhone. These pictures are all from Friday, the busiest, but best, day for me.

A few weeks ago, my mom texted me, asking if I would be willing to sit at a table following the morning session to sell books. This wasn't suspicious to me, as explained in this blog post! I was excited to have a special part in the week, and especially with someone that I've known a long time! It was a little confusing and crazy to know what my actual purpose was, but it all worked out fine.

After Dr. Richard finished speaking, I sold books at a table in the lobby for close to an hour, then packed everything up and met with him and a few others to have lunch. After lunch, I rushed over to the Rend Collective Q&A, which I had missed the most of but still got a lot of laughs out of.

I didn't have much time after that to get ready and head off to PCM. On the way back, we got off a stop early and walked to Moody Church. I sat directly behind the sound booth with a few others from my group, which was especially fun to observe while Rend Collective played (#lovethepassion). I worked on my knitting while David Jeremiah gave his message, which was encouraging, because I sometimes forget that our bodies should be well taken care of. I walked back to school with a few bro/sis, with a stop at Jewel.

It wasn't long after we returned to the dorm, however, that I heard a yell in the hall that the brother floor was going to do the polar plunge. More on that another time, however. (;

- rl

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Free Day at the Art Institute

My favorite exhibit, and we even found one that had a spinning wheel and a basket of yarn!
Cassidy seeing Monet in person for the first time. Usually a bubbly person, she was very somber at this time!
Ally, me, and Cassidy in a fun feature!

Last week, I read about the Art Institute's Free Illinois Resident Weekday Free days (#longesttitleever) and knew we had to go! I posted in our bro/sis Facebook page to get a group together, but it ended up only being the three of us. We left after lunch and got through a decent amount of the museum. As we were leaving, I was getting bummed out that we hadn't been able to see everything, but then I remembered that I'll be here another few years, so I have plenty of time to come again!

Yay for free things + friends to enjoy them with.

- rl

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Founder's Week: Part One

Moody Church is so beautiful! I especially enjoy admiring the ceiling!
Tyler and Steve looking at something, while Chris and Emma look graceful for the camera. 
Do you see Waldo??
Three Moody choirs leading us!

Founder's Week is a tradition that has been going on for 96 consecutive years here at Moody Bible Institute! It's always in the first week of February, which is when D.L. Moody's birthday is. It's a lot of preaching and encouraging to the student body, as well as alumni and any one else, really.

This was the first night session I was able to attend, due to work. I work tomorrow night as well, but I'll be there for the conclusion of the conference Friday night! We've had some fun speakers in the morning and afternoon sessions, however. The highlight of those so far would have to be Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales! Tonight Josh McDowell spoke on pornography, which was great. The greatest thing about it would have to be the conversations its starting. I would highly recommend giving the full message a listen. You can find more information on that here. Despite the temperature, I walked with a few people from bro/sis to Moody Church and back, which is about a mile away. It really wasn't too bad, thankfully, and allowed for some great memories to be made!

For now, though, I'm off to bed. It's looking like a roomie date will happen tomorrow with the Art Institute being the destination. Woo!

- rl

Monday, February 02, 2015

Thoughtful Gifts

This picture shows some pretty thoughtful gifts from loved ones! On top is the care package that came in the mail today from one of my managers at my store in Dallas. We had a girl's night at her house the week before I left. Jenna and I just made bookmarks, but she asked me to make a list of sewn goods for her to make for me. A few weeks later and I have a few flannel pillowcases, a set of hats and gloves, and animal crackers to enjoy! I'm not sure Diane will ever end up reading this post, but thank you!! I can't wait to learn to sew from you this summer!

In the background is the blanket Ally, my roommate, crocheted for me!! Yes, really. She started it last semester in front of me, but she told me it was a purse. I didn't think it would end up as a purse, but I didn't expect it would be for me either! She had it on my bed when I came back, and it's pretty much been here ever since. I love it so much, Ally! I'm so thankful we're roommates!

Founder's Week started here at Moody tonight. I wasn't able to go because of work, but I'm looking forward to attending as the week goes on! The part I'm looking forward to the most, however, comes Friday morning when my mom's boss, Dr. Ramesh Richard, is speaking. I've known this evangelist for the 15 years my mom has worked for him, and I'm looking forward to hearing him speak in this place I now call home. I'll be assisting at his book table after his message, which should be fun as well.

Here's to a week of sermons, knitting, and trying to get motivated to work on this New Testament Reading Report due next week!

- rl

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Back in the Swing...

Ally working on her sweater! 
Unusual breakfast included a sandwich and Harry Potter! 
The snowy plaza!
Snowball fight in the plaza. 
Another movie ("While You Were Sleeping") with a friend from the floor, accompanied by lots of unhealthy snacks!

So I went a month without blogging, and I'm keeping it that way. Repeat: I will not be going back and blogging for January. It's a lot less authentic when 30 posts are being written in one day, and I just don't have time to do it.

This month was fantastic. It was incredibly hard to say goodbye to my family on the 10th, but by the time I went to bed on the 17th, I was already feeling so much better. That may have something to do with the fact that I went swing dancing for the first time that night, but it was also because there is such a strong community here now. Ally, my roommate, made our room feel like home, and let me be a lazy bum those first 24 hours I was back and not wanting to get out of bed. It only took a few days, though, to develop an interest in life again. That first week wasn't all uphill, however, as it involved saying goodbye to a fantastic friend who is switching to Distance Learning.

Now we're on the verge of Founder's Week, which I'm looking forward to more than I thought I would. I won't be attending all of the sessions because I have to work, but I will be at the required amount and that's the important part. Classes are classes, PCM is good, and our bro/sis is way better this semester now that we all know each other well. I especially love when we go swing dancing!! Who knew this once shy girl would be begging to dance every night? It has definitely been added to the "future husband requirement" list. (;

- rl