Saturday, February 14, 2015

Founder's Week: Part Two

Another snippet of Founder's Week, brought to you by my iPhone. These pictures are all from Friday, the busiest, but best, day for me.

A few weeks ago, my mom texted me, asking if I would be willing to sit at a table following the morning session to sell books. This wasn't suspicious to me, as explained in this blog post! I was excited to have a special part in the week, and especially with someone that I've known a long time! It was a little confusing and crazy to know what my actual purpose was, but it all worked out fine.

After Dr. Richard finished speaking, I sold books at a table in the lobby for close to an hour, then packed everything up and met with him and a few others to have lunch. After lunch, I rushed over to the Rend Collective Q&A, which I had missed the most of but still got a lot of laughs out of.

I didn't have much time after that to get ready and head off to PCM. On the way back, we got off a stop early and walked to Moody Church. I sat directly behind the sound booth with a few others from my group, which was especially fun to observe while Rend Collective played (#lovethepassion). I worked on my knitting while David Jeremiah gave his message, which was encouraging, because I sometimes forget that our bodies should be well taken care of. I walked back to school with a few bro/sis, with a stop at Jewel.

It wasn't long after we returned to the dorm, however, that I heard a yell in the hall that the brother floor was going to do the polar plunge. More on that another time, however. (;

- rl

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