Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Free Day at the Art Institute

My favorite exhibit, and we even found one that had a spinning wheel and a basket of yarn!
Cassidy seeing Monet in person for the first time. Usually a bubbly person, she was very somber at this time!
Ally, me, and Cassidy in a fun feature!

Last week, I read about the Art Institute's Free Illinois Resident Weekday Free days (#longesttitleever) and knew we had to go! I posted in our bro/sis Facebook page to get a group together, but it ended up only being the three of us. We left after lunch and got through a decent amount of the museum. As we were leaving, I was getting bummed out that we hadn't been able to see everything, but then I remembered that I'll be here another few years, so I have plenty of time to come again!

Yay for free things + friends to enjoy them with.

- rl

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