Wednesday, January 01, 2014

14 Goals for 2014


Like I have in the last few years, I like to make some goals for the upcoming year. I usually only do about one, but I consider it to be more about making sure I have the right focus/priorities and not about checking things off a list. I've been working on the list for 2014 for a few days now, and I suppose I'll stick with it. Here are my goals for 2014:

1: one self portrait (per week)
I want to get into the habit of taking self portraits. I once read something where the author wishes there were more pictures of her grandmother when she was younger. That has kind of stuck with me, and I want to make sure there are more "artistic" - not just pictures from events or something - shots of me. If you were to look through my older instagram pictures, I used to love #fromwhereistand. I still do, so I hope to get pictures of my feet in interesting places, as well as shots of what my hands do (knitting, typing, writing). If this doesn't make sense now, that's fine, because I (obviously) plan on blogging all the pictures as the year goes on.
My rules for this are: each picture be from my DSLR on a timer. No iPhone photos, and I want them to be timed photos because that means I definitely put effort into getting the shot just how I like it. Also, at least 12 of these photos need to be of my face.

2: compose photos (every day)
Ah, probably one of the most made resolutions, in my eyes. I haven't had this goal in years because I always seem to think I already do take pictures every day, but I really don't. Sometimes I go a week without using my DSLR, and I hate that. So I guess this goal could be more like "use my DSLR daily".
My rules for this are: must be from my DSLR, and must be composed. The photo with this post is my first photo. We were driving through the downtown Frisco area and I was taking pictures - no real composing - until this one. While waiting at a red light, I lined it up how I liked it so that is what counts to me. And only a few of these can also be ones qualified as self portraits.

3: read the Bible (every day)
I think some people will be shocked to know I don't read my Bible everyday. I have no clue why, but a lot of people seem to assume I do. Newsflash: I do not. The tricky thing about this is that I think I want to do studies through Good Morning Girls, but their next study doesn't start until January 20th. So, because it seems like they have a break between each session, I think I'll just read a chapter or two a night from whichever book I feel led to. Right now I'm feeling James, so we'll see.
My rules for this are: must post about it on tumblr. I had started a tag for it once, so I think I'll do something similar, but for the entire year. That way it can hopefully be seen by others, while also helping me to remember what I read.

4: journal (daily)
I just recently caught up on my journaling. Once I go a day without doing it, I tend to go weeks. So. I just have to remind myself how long it takes me, and hopefully that will be better motivation.
My rules for this are: just do it. Tape in as many things as possible.

5: blog (daily)
Last year, I tried to just do Monday-Friday, but I think it will be easier on me if I say I'm cool with them being posted any day. I doubt I'll do it everyday, but I hope to have at least 300 posts in 2014.
My rules for this are: only one post per day. No double posting just so the number adds up to 365!

6: walk
I feel silly having this one, but I really am more of a walker than a runner. And I like walking. And I want to listen to more podcasts. So, why not walk? Right now, the most practical thing for me may be to walk a little bit of the mall when I'm at work a little early or late. When I'm "old" (have my own house and am more in charge of my life schedule) I'd love to take nightly walks or something cute like that, but for now I'll settle with just doing a little bit here and there.
My "rules" for this are: use an app I have on my phone specifically for walking, so that I can see my distance.

7: bike
Biking always seems fun to me. Not intense mountain biking, but just a simple bike ride along the trail we have by the lake here in The Colony is always peaceful.
My "rules" for this are: see if the app for walking also does biking. If not, then blog about it somehow to keep track of the distance.

8: 52 projects
When I say this, I mainly mean knitting/looming. However, I'd like to play with embroidery, crocheting, or sewing a little bit this year, so it includes those things. Something for each week. While some projects will take longer than a week, some will take less, so it should all even out. Although, I would be impressed if I even did 26 projects.
My rules for this are: they be different projects. I can't knit the same hat 52 times and count it, so they have to be different ones.

9: 52 books
Like I mentioned in my last post, I have never reached this goal. And, honestly, I don't expect to this year. If I read 26 books I'll be happy. I would like most of them to not be books I've already read. I have a bad habit of doing that. I want to read some new books.
My rules for this are: cannot all be books I've already read. Books for fun, not for any sort of requirement. Also, I must blog monthly about my progress.

10: experiment with photography
This one is difficult, I think. Difficult because I don't want to be buying any photography tools - no matter how cool the ones I find online are. I want to use the tripod I got for Christmas in ways I never imagined. I want to try a time lapse or two. I want to try more long exposure photography. I want to try new angles and just get to know my camera better.
My rules for this are: get creative. Look stuff up online. And blog, of course.

11: make six new meals for the family
In 2013, I found one particular meal that we now really like, and developed a enchilada rolling technique that my mom is fascinated by, so in 2014 I'd like to plan dinner for my family six times.
My rules for this are: must be a recipe we've never used. I have to find it (likely source: pinterest), and figure out any sides for it. Maybe I'll even blog about the results.

12: learn to play the keyboard
This is probably the least likely one. I only think of this because seeing Bryce Avary rock out on his keyboard at shows always make me wish I knew how to play.
My rules for this are: if any, I have to learn a song from The Rocket Summer. And record my progress at least a few times just for kicks.

13: at least one photo book
I've thought about making a photo book before, but I really want to one of these days. My mom and I have talked about putting one together of pretty fall leaves for her to look through year-round.
My rules for this are: keep it as cheap as possible. Blog about it.

14: travel
I'm always going to travel. I know that. However, I had a revelation a couple months ago that I've never traveled with just one other person. I'd like that to change this year. I don't know when, where, how, why, or with who, but I'd love to try that out this year.
My rules for this are: that it must be with one other person. Even if it's only for one night and we don't leave the state, I want to experience a casual trip just for kicks.

What about you? Anything you want to attempt in 2014?

- rl


  1. I can help with number 14! -that one girl you know who likes to do spontaneous stuff

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