Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blog Photography

After yesterday's post about blog design, I thought today would be the perfect time to talk a little about blog photography. I happened across this post about lighting last night, and it got me thinking about my method for taking pictures for this blog. Over the course of having this blog, I've taken a few photos of the funnier ways I end up taking a picture. 

I will do about anything to get the picture just right, which is why I've already taken over 20,000 (possibly even 30 or 40k?) photos on my DSLR. I've had my tripod for just under a month now and I can't imagine ever being able to get some of the photos I have without it, like the ones here and here

The part of photography I've always struggled with is taking my camera outside. I always feel awkward when taking pictures with other people around. I read a blog post about that same thing yesterday, found here. Not that there's much I do anyway that would require pictures (I only really go to work and church, which sounds rather dull now that I've written it down), but I hope that the next time I have the opportunity to go somewhere interesting, I make sure to take as many pictures as I like, and not feel awkward.

- rl 

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