Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WIP Wednesday

My second WIP Wednesday! I can already tell it really is a motivator to make sure I don't go weeks without progress. That's definitely a goal of mine: to make sure I'm always working on something. I also want to make sure I only do one thing at a time. I see way too many posts about people having four projects going at once, so I'd like to focus on one thing and just get it done. I'm like that with other things, like books and tv shows.

Anyway, back to this project. I started Monday night after I finished the mitts. I chose this project because it's part of a very cool project of sorts, The Simple Collection. I decided to work my way through these eight projects, and then I bought this book, so now I think I'll switch back and forth between the two sources. I'm not sure yet. It depends on yarn, really.

So far, I love this yarn and I understand the hate I've seen on k1p1 ribbing. The final result is supposed to be 60", and so far I'm about 10" in, so I'm hoping I can finish by this time next week. Making a scarf is basic, but what makes this more difficult is that I'm using circular needles to knit something flat, so I'm really using this project to understand that.

- rl

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