Monday, January 27, 2014

Knit Those Mitts!

deep red

That was basically my train of thought all weekend. I got the request for these two pairs of mitts the Friday before last (the 17th if you're technical, or future me who will want to know the exact date). I would have started them immediately, but there are two reasons I didn't:
1) my one-project-at-a-time rule (I know all long-time knitters are laughing at me, but I plan on keeping this a rule for as long as I can!)
2) I didn't have the yarn
So, I didn't actually end up starting until this last Friday. I began them that evening after the kids my mom & I babysat went to bed. I finished most of mitt #1 then. When I got home, I completed it, then casted on mitt #2. On Saturday, I worked in the morning, then hung out with my best friend, which involved introducing her to Downton Abbey, and knitting, of course. I got halfway through, then realized I had gone too far, so I had to frog the whole thing (I can barely knit these basic items, much less frog a few rows then pick the stitches back up), so that definitely put me behind. I finished mitt #2 that night, then started mitt #3. Sunday afternoon, I spent hours in my room. I finished #3, then started and finished mitt #4. I waited to weave in the ends until I finished all the mitts, so I was up until 2am.

But I finished. I made today my deadline because of these freezing temps (it's 27F outside! That's cold for us Texans!). But now I can take a deep breathe and work on my next project: this hat in this yarn for my older sister. As stressed as I made myself to get these mitts done in time for my mom to take them to her two coworkers, I enjoyed it. Truly.

- rl

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