Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Project 19/52: Basic Baby Hat

This was my first project using magic loop the whole time. For those who don't knit, magic loop is when you use a needle length much longer than you need, so that you can fold it (not really, but that's the best way to describe it) to use only a small portion of the needle. A very helpful technique to keep from buying 1.3 million cord lengths.

This hat was done pretty quickly. I did the 8 rows of ribbing, 24 rows of stockinette, then the crown and I was done! Super simple. I'm excited to (one day) use this pattern with the bigger and smaller sizes it gives. For now I just used the newborn size.

The yarn is the same as the baby booties, and I think the softness will be good on a little baby's head too.

- rl

(p.s. this is part of my 14 goals for 2014. You can view all my goals here.)

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