Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lesson Learned

A few weeks ago, one of my mom's coworkers asked if I could knit baby booties + hats. I said yes. I hadn't ever knit booties or hats that small, but I figured it wouldn't be too difficult, right? And it really wasn't, except I was slightly determined to not buy anymore needles (I have an interchangeable set plus a couple pairs of DPNs for the tops of hats, ya know), but ended up having to, and you can see why in this picture.

The bootie on the left was done with a US3 needle, which is two sizes smaller then the US5 I used on the bootie on the right. The right one was done first, and, when I saw the gigantic size - definitely not fit for a newborn! - I had to go to JoAnn's and buy US3 straight needles. Right now the final bootie is on the needles, and will be completed shortly. As much as I hate that I wasted the yarn on the first bootie, I think it will serve as a nice reminder that needle size is very important and maybe, just maybe, I should try a gauge swatch one of these days...

- rl

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