Friday, June 13, 2014

Project 17/52: You Cowlin' Me Crazy?!

(photo by little sister) 
(photos by little sister) 

I am so in love with this project. It was the perfect, quick project to do after that large blanket. I finished it in three days, and tried it on immediately after casting off and weaving in the ends.

I really love the simplicity of the pattern. I read where a lot of knitters talk about how much they hate stockinette stitch, but I couldn't disagree more! I was able to get lots of reading done while knitting this up in the evenings. I'd never buy a cowl myself, but I love that I have a handknit one. I definitely plan on making more, in different weights and colors. I love the curl that this one has. It makes it feel like something I can wad up in my purse and it makes it easy to slip over my head. I just know that's really going to come in handy in the walks between classes when I get to school. In one of the pictures that I'm modeling the cowl you can see that I gave it a little twist before slipping it over my head. It's a tad looser than necessary, but that's probably because I cast on 65 stitches instead of 60 because I thought my head was bigger. Nope.

I really love the yarn. I mentioned it here. I knew I wanted to do a pattern with mostly stockinette because I wasn't sure how the "barber pole" effect would look on anything else. I love it, though. I would definitely buy more and knit 100 of these if the yarn wasn't way out of my (nonexistent) yarn budget. Sigh. I'm so glad I bought it, though. Nearly everyone I've showed it to has commented on the color, which is why I chose this particular color, so I'm glad my gut instinct turned out alright!

Now I'm onto slightly more complicated projects, but nothing as dull as that baby blanket...

- rl

 (p.s. this is part of my 14 goals for 2014. You can view all my goals here.)

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