Thursday, August 07, 2014

Stash Building


This isn't my entire yarn stash. I've got an even bigger basket with yarn, plus a few yarn cakes off to the side. I planned on taking all my yarn with me, but I think I'll have to first grab a box from work for easy transportation and storage. It's a funny thing, this fiber life. It's a part of my life now, just like books and social media. They are part of how I am. I will not part with these activities. They bring me joy and inspiration, and they will stay.

That sounds a little defensive, which is probably just because I love knitting (and now crocheting) so much that it's almost annoying when I can't get projects done fast enough. Truly a first world problem, no?

- rl

(p.s. this is part of my 14 goals for 2014. You can view all my goals here.)

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