Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Farewell to My Purse

Is this weird? Maybe just the title? "Tours" of purses and bags are pretty common in the blogging world, I think, so I wanted to do one before I switched to my new purse.

The history of my purse:
I bought it...three years ago about this time! I think I had busted my previous purse, so I was contemplating getting a new one, but didn't actually do anything about it until my mom was saying how she would need a crossbody for my parent's trip to NYC. So I went on Vera Bradley's website and ordered myself this purse (Hipster in Versailles). It has served me well these last three years. It expands to hold a couple books, if need be, as well as all the other little things I keep on me. These days, my purse contains:
- receipts, which are organized into a little notecard organizer at the end of the day
- my wallet, which contains coins, cash, and any and all cards, including my business cards
- car key, which totally looks like Batman
- work keys/name badge/my box cutter, Hercules
- gum
- hand sanitizer
- house key
- book I'm currently reading

I'm a simple gal. I moved everything over to my new purse after I took these pictures, and will hopefully add a few more things tomorrow. Things have been switched around a little bit, so tomorrow is my last day of working at (my) Chick-fil-A for a while. I'm not going to lie, I am pretty sad. But more on that tomorrow...maybe.

- rl

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