Thursday, October 23, 2014

Project 25/52: Skyping Beanie

This is probably one of my favorite hats. I wouldn't have chosen it on my own, but it was requested by a classmate so I went for it.

It's the same yarn as used with this hat. The bright orange is probably a large factor in what makes me love both of these hats so much. I didn't realize how much I liked bright colors until now. I had originally bought the orange yarn for mitts, and I think the leftovers from both hats may be able to get me that. I really need an efficient way to figure how many yards I have left in a day...

The inside of this hat is so squishy. Honestly. It's a broken rib stitch, which means for the body of the hat I did ribbing for one row, then stockinette on the next row. It looks pretty different on the inside (why didn't I take a picture??), but is so cozy. I immediately decided I'll have to knit myself a scarf of some sort in this stitch. I want a comforter in this stitch. It's a slightly concerning obsession.

- rl

(p.s. this is part of my 14 goals for 2014. You can view all my goals here.)

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