Sunday, April 06, 2014

Self Portrait (14/52)

Tonight I read this lovely blog post. It solidified my thinking of going about this challenge of taking a self portrait each week this year. It's a tad awkward to post a picture of myself each week, but it's who I am, and I know I won't regret it later.

This week, like many others, I've spent a lot of time thinking. Part of it is just general thoughts, but most of it is because, in a matter of just a few weeks, I will hear from Moody on whether or not I was accepted for this fall. I have, of course, plans in my head of how things will work whether I'm accepted or not, so I'm content with either one and just ready to put those plans into actions.

Something I have not yet shared on here are my plans for the summer. For a few years now, I've loved the idea of working at a summer camp, so I applied to one in January or so. I didn't hear anything for a few weeks, then all of a sudden I did and there was a phone interview and lots of emails and a skype interview. You see, I had initially applied for the digital/social media position, but because that's such a limited position they asked if I would be interested in anything else. As a follower of Summer's blog, I emailed them names of a few other positions they have listed on their website, including the kitchen. The woman I had emailed and had a phone interview with sent my information to the kitchen manager and we had a skype interview.

At the end of the interview, he asked me if I had any questions or concerns, and I confessed that I was starting to have doubts about working at the camp that summer. My doubts did not stem from his earlier comment about people in the kitchen having to work 10-12 hour days, but instead a deeper feeling that it just wasn't right. I knew the base pay of what I would make if I decided to spend all summer there, and it just did not compare to what I could make at the job I'm already comfortable, or the other jobs I could pick up as well. So I emailed them the next week and said I wouldn't be able to come.

So I'm staying home for the summer. After seeking advice from a few of those I trust, I decided that it would be best for me to continue in a place where I'm already making fine money, and potentially even more, instead of going someplace mainly to serve. I'm serving just fine here.

The act of serving where you are at another blog post for another day. Right now, I have helix knitting (!!!) and Pride & Prejudice to tend to.

- rl

(p.s. this is part of my 14 goals for 2014. You can view all my goals here.)

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