Friday, April 25, 2014

Casa Rita's

I'm not so sure most would consider it a night out, but it was to me. The family (minus big sister, who was working) and I ate at Casa Rita's, a restaurant my parents are obsessed with. I, of course, stuck with my usual Mexican food choice of a chicken enchilada, rice, and beans. My parents had the beef enchiladas, and little sister had a (gigantic) burrito.

Then little sister and I dropped our parents off at home and went to Dollar Tree and Wal Mart, where I bought yarn for a decent amount of "secret" projects. They are secret because I'll have to keep them off the blog until I gift them sometime in May. Will I still do WIP Wednesday even if it shows them? Yes, but I'll just have to be knitting at a pace where they'll only be at the beginning when Wednesday comes around.

Now, however, it's time to work on my shawl a little bit before bed. I live a simple life, y'all.

- rl

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