Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small Business Saturday

The gist: I opened an Etsy shop. Last week, actually. I thought about posting about it then, but then I heard this Saturday was Small Business Saturday, so I decided to wait until now to say anything.

It's called from the Maker. Thinking of a name is why it took me so long to open a shop. I would have started one this summer if I had been able to think of a name. The reason behind it is explained a little bit in the shop info:

My relentless Savior is an incredible Maker. I'm a maker too, but of the things listed here instead of the mountains and skies. 

I don't really know of any other way to explain that. I hope to organize my thoughts on the name a bit more and then dedicate a full post on it eventually. I only know now that I share the things I make here on this blog, but this shop is where I will attempt to sell those things. It's been "open" for a week and I have already gotten one favorite on a hat, which was exciting to see!

So far, I only have four hats listed. One adult-size, and three baby-size. The one shown above is my favorite. I think the ones without brims are the cutest, and I can confirm that the yarn this one was made with is soft.

I guess you could say that my vision is that one day I won't be the only maker on there. A few other people would also be contributing. And it would rock. I like that idea of collaboration. For now, though, it's just me. But, hey, if you want to join me on there with something you make, let's talk about it. (:

It won't just be loomed hats. One day I'll actually learn how to knit or crochet a hat, or scarves, or maybe I'll put my weaved baskets up there, or maybe even some stuff I haven't quite thought of yet.

So there you have. Need a hat? Welllllllllllllllllll, I may know of a place...

- rl

(p.s. I hope to have some other "from the Maker" specific social media pages open before too long. Today, though, I worked and then I have a lot of my Moody application to work on before tomorrow's deadline, so the social media will have to wait.)

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