Monday, November 11, 2013

New Braunfels: Day 1

Last Friday, my family and I (all but my older sister) headed down to New Braunfels. This was our third trip down there in 13 months, but my favorite trip yet. Our purpose: to see our "youngest" cousin, who is one of the drum majors of the band, on his senior night. (I put youngest in quotations because he's 18 - only nine days younger than me.)

We left The Colony around noon, and were in Waco in time to still consider a stop at George's lunch. A little bit of person history: before they had us kiddos, my parents lived in Waco. My mom apparently used to love George's, but for whatever reason my dad had never been. We went. We enjoyed.

Note to future Rachel: you did not like the chicken. Should have gone with the cheese fries!

After Waco, I drove. Oh, yes. It wasn't so bad. My first time on an interstate/highway/whatever, so that was different. We decided to take whatever the tollway it is that avoids Austin, aka I went 80mph. Eventually we got to New Braunfels, checked into our hotel, dropped our stuff in the room, and headed to the game. 

We got there early enough to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins do the whole senior night thing. Brought back memories from when my parents and I walked across the football field last fall for my senior night! 

Then they were defeated by Judson High School. One of our cousins informed us that the coach for Judson coached Johnny Manziel at his last school, which probably explains why they beat NBHS by 40something points. 

Then the seniors did something pretty cool and unique - they all got together at one endzone, and walked those 100 yards together. You can kind of tell in the pictures that they didn't necessarily all stay linked together, though. 

After the game, we were ready to eat again, so we stopped by Buc-ee's and noticed that they are opening up a second row of pumps! I don't know how many they have in the first row, but it's a lot, and now they have double?! That place is crazy. 

Tomorrow: Day 2!

- rl

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