Monday, November 25, 2013

Update on the Current Situation

I took this picture of my feet in the grass yesterday because I wanted to do a before and after picture after it snowed. It never snowed. Texas, why do you always have to get my hopes up?!

Well, I suppose now that I actually have something to update people on, I should do so.

I wrote this blog post in August, and haven't really updated since. Obviously, I did not go to Chicago. And while I should have contacted Moody in late August to see what my next step would be, I waited until last Wednesday to do so. I emailed them about whether or not I need to reapply, and they replied that night.

I do. I have to reapply. The early decision deadline is Sunday, December 1. So, that's my goal. I barely started working on the application Friday, and I plan on finishing it up this week.

I don't think I shared this in that big long blog post back in August, but last year I had wanted to apply for the December 1 deadline, but I just didn't finish in time, and I know it ended up working out better in the long run, because I had plenty of time to really think about my essays. This time, though, I've had months to think about it, so I plan on just knocking it all out in one day.

By applying for this early decision deadline, multiple things can happen (to my knowledge) when I get a letter in mid-January:
1: I can get accepted for fall 2014. Straight up.
2: I can be deferred to find out after the regular decision deadline on March 1 (that letter coming in mid-April).
3: I can be denied altogether, but I think Moody's version of that is
4: suggesting I do FYOP (First Year Online Program), where I think it goes something like this: regular amount of hours, but all online, then Chicago the next year?
5: Spokane for a time. Moody has a campus in Spokane, Washington, but as of right now they don't have the Communications major there. I could do my "basics" there, then transfer to Chicago, I think. That campus is different, though, because there are no dorms, and I think it's more like you can rent houses with other students.

So there you have it. I'm working on my application this week. It's scary this time around because I'm making it public. I feel much more vulnerable this time. Not a huge amount of people read my blog, but people still know what's up in my life, and they care about me. Last time I didn't put out there where I was applying. If someone asked, I would tell them, but I didn't talk about it a lot to people I wasn't close to. It's hard this time, though, to think that I feel a responsibility to let people know either way, even if it is a "no" this time. And that's the hard part - the thought that I could not be accepted to the Chicago campus again. I was really shocked to get in on the first try, so we'll have to see if it happens again.

Ok. Now time to go work on my application.

- rl

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