Friday, November 08, 2013

I Bought A Laptop

That's right. If you know me, this is shocking. Not the part about me buying a laptop, but it's a PC. I know, I know. Let me explain though!

As I hinted, I'm an Apple girl. I've got the phone and tablet. I sigh dreamily when I enter the store. I go to just for fun. Team iPhone right here! So, obviously, I want a Mac laptop. For the longest time I was set on a MacBook Pro, then decided over the summer I wanted a MacBook Air, and then last week my sister (who got a MacBook when she graduated four years ago) told me to consider the lifetime of a Mac, so that's what I was looking into (all the tech stuff I only half understand) when my mom came to me Tuesday night about this laptop. She had seen it in a WalMart flyer listed for only $249. Smart woman she is, she told me to keep my mind open as she continued explaining. She said that if I bought it now, then when I'm ready to spend the money on a Mac, my parents can buy it from me for a little less as a laptop for my little sister. Well, hot dog, sounds like a deal to me. I WAS shooting for January/February for my Mac Purchase, but now I'm thinking more like June or even July. So then Wednesday morning, before work, we stopped by WalMart and guess how many of these were left? That's right: one. Crazy, right?

Now, how do I like it? Meh. I don't think I'll be too attached to this to switch. I can't say I love Windows 8. I do have it a little more figured out than when I first opened it up and kept switching between apps. I can't figure out how to personalize certain things. I think they're listed in the manual that came with it about Windows 8, so I'll have to play around with it a little bit more. It's working well so far, though. So far I've mainly focused on getting all my pictures onto one place...and I've used somewhere around 70GBs. And there is still 40something left on my dad's laptop. So this will be a fun process when it comes time to switching it all to my Mac. I'll definitely have to get an external hard drive soon, though.

So there you have it. I, an Apple girl, bought a PC for the price. I think it was the right decision, but only time will tell.

- rl

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