Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Foliage: Part I

Yesterday,  my mom and I went on a little adventure. Rumor has it she was tempted to skip work on Friday just to go look at trees, so we had to get our fix yesterday. We love pretty trees. So, after lunch with the family, just the two of us headed out - me in the driver's seat.

First we hit a little trail by a neighborhood my mom keeps passing by and she wanted to check it out. It didn't look the same up close in person than when you're driving past. A tad disappointing, and it was HOT out. Like nearly 90 degrees. Why, Texas?!

Then we went to Willowbend Mall, where my mom thought there may be some good trees. There were a few, but there also weren't really any places to stop to take pictures. So.

Then we went to an office building area, which had some nice trees and plenty of space to get the right angle. We were just afraid some security officer would confront us. They did not.

Tomorrow I will share pictures from the final place we went...

- rl

(p.s. I'm aware these aren't the best pictures. Not sure anyone else will notice, but I definitely did once I got them on my computer. In my defense, it's so hard to really see the quality of a picture on an LCD screen in the afternoon sun. Sigh.)

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