Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Braunfels: Day 3

The hotel we stay at when we go to New Braunfels is next to some sort of dump and some donkeys. That's why I got out of bed Sunday morning - a donkey was making some sort of sound. We then proceeded to all stare out the window at the donkey as it paced back and forth. Right before we left for church, we saw another donkey on the other side of the fence. 

We went to church with our cousins. After the regular service, we went to the Bible study. So much fun to hear some more discussion on Ruth.

After church we went to Longhorn Cafe there in NB. The little sister and I split the things you see in the photo below. Definitely not healthy, but we ate everything & it was probably cheaper than us each getting a full burger + fries that we wouldn't be able to finish. 

After lunch we headed out to my oldest cousin's house by Lake McQueeney. 

This cute dog followed us as we walked from the house to the lake. Poor thing was limping. 
Ducks! They were very noisy.
My uncle has been doing some fishing down there, and while we were there he caught a catfish!

And that was our weekend! I drove the whole way home. Yes, really. Before we left town we stopped by Buc-ee's. I got a Monster, rice krispie treat, and some beef jerky. I think jerky was the most helpful thing to chow on when I was getting tired around dusk...except for when I would have to pass someone while keeping both hands on the wheel and trying to bite through jerky. Thank you to my dad for handing me the different things while I drove. He also remained very calm while I navigated merging onto Dallas North Tollway from 35. At night. With something going on at the American Airlines Center aka causing some traffic. Very interesting. That wasn't as bad as driving on DNT, though! Trying to go 65mph on those curves was terrifying. Aside from that, it wasn't too bad of a drive!

I really enjoyed this weekend. I liked that we weren't entirely sure what all we wanted to do, and therefore ended up just going with the flow. I can't wait to go back!

- rl 

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