Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throwing It Back

My first, but certainly not last, Throwback Thursday. TWILIGHT. I just happened across a video on YouTube of a fellow Twihard talking about how this third week of November always makes her feel nostalgic, so I had to find pictures from the last midnight premiere! I went to all five with my sister and her bestie (in the bottom picture) and it was so, so great.

Oh, Twilight. I seriously need to re-read it. I (aka Diana) was able to track all four books + the illustrated companion at a big book sale in May so I've been wanting to reread them since then! Maybe over Christmas break...

So maybe Twilight isn't the most theologically sound thing, but it was a huge part of my late middle/early high school years, so when someone starts to bash it I get upset. Don't diss Twilight in front of me...I'll get sad.

- rl

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