Thursday, November 06, 2014

Dorm Room - Fall 2014 - REARRANGED

Like my turkey hat? I saw it at Target and couldn't pass it up, so now I'm just looking for a time to use it. 
The under sink arrangement Leslie did blew my mind!! I love it!
It's a somewhat crazy mess at the end of my bed, but it's where food + projects go.
Look at all the space I have!!
I knew I wanted at least one verse on my mirror, so I found this one while working on my second Old Testament paper and it seems fitting, the enemies being homework. (;

That's right: I rearranged my room! It was actually several weeks ago, before Missions Conference, but I just kept putting off taking pictures and everything. I LOVE IT THOUGH. Leslie helped me out
a ton, and it's just such a better space now. The openness puts my mind at ease. It (almost) makes me hesitant enough to not switch rooms next semester, but only almost.

You can see the fall decorations my mom sent with my sister: the (fake) fall leaves and pumpkin magnets on the fridge. She is so thoughtful. [:

- rl

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