Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Friendsgiving 2014

Today we had our Friendsgiving Feast! Although, I think it can only be considered a Friendsgiving if you're having a Thanksgiving at a later date, but whatever. Ally and Laura did a lot of work to pull this all off, and it went fabulously!

First, just some perspective on the view we had while preparing the lunch:

Ally started with the mashed potatoes. 
The list of everything that had to be done. 
She needed a little bit of soy sauce, so instead of wasting a ton by buying a full bottle, she used the little bit she had gotten from the Chinese delivery the night before.
Laura with the sign she had put on the oven door late last night.
Laura and I made cute little envelopes for the butter for our bread! 
Very full stove top! 
Our main view: my iPad with Christmas (yup...the chef's orders!) music + watching Ally prepare whatever item she was working on at that time. 
Laura posing by the tree in our lounge.
Our spread downstairs part one...
& four!
 Laura and Ally set up the table really cute, but I forgot to get pictures of it before. Here's after, though, with most of us seated.
Ally is a Children's Ministry we had some activities (: 
The mess to clean up afterwards... 
involved a decent amount of dishes. We finished fairly quickly, though, and were on to House Hunters within an hour!

It hasn't quite set in that I won't be with my family tomorrow, but there's only three weeks to go! I'm not sure I'll ever go home for Thanksgiving (because it's just so close to Christmas break!) but if I don't we're already hoping to do this annually!

- rl

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