Monday, July 21, 2014

A Peek Into My Mind


Tonight I made a decent amount of progress on the project I mentioned last week. I've been switching gears a lot this week. For example:

- I have about 15 books total between the library/borrowing from friends that I need to complete before I leave. Which means I have to finish a book every other day. Which means I'm kinda freaking out.
- I'm planning to settle down this weekend and do a blog redesign because SUNDAY IS MY BLOGIVERSARY! So there's that.
- I'm also helping my mom get our family blog organized. We were editing a post tonight, then because it was open in two places it somehow lost all our progress. So, that was annoying.
- UM, PACKING?? I'm actually not freaked out about this, but I feel like I should be. It doesn't help that I like to have everything ready to go, but my mom really wants to wait until we get there to buy most things in order to save space on the drive up. So I will compensate by making lots of lists.
- This crochet project. Guys! I'm trying to crochet a backpack! Yes, really. It's not that I don't think I have the skills for this project, I just don't know if I can get it done before I move-in. Obviously I want it done before classes start, but I need it done before then because I don't want to be thinking about any fiber projects for the first few weeks of classes.
- Watching as much Downton Abbey (I've only watched up to halfway through season four, but I decided to start over because I love it so much) and booktube videos as possible.

So there you have it: my mind. It's all over the place and there are, of course, a million other little things, but those are the major streams of thoughts.

- rl

(p.s. this is part of my 14 goals for 2014. You can view all my goals here.)

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