Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I feel like I made no progress this week. I actually did about 20 rows (I'm at 124/160 stitches across before I can start the decreases), but they were all last Wednesday and Thursday nights. I watched movies both nights, which always motivates me to knit. Then came a busy weekend, and finally a few more rows today while trying to catch up on Supernatural (I'm three or so weeks behind now, but I know what happened in that finale...*sob*).

I really, truly believe I should be able to hit that magic 160 this next week. We're taking a quick trip this weekend, and as long as I'm not driving I should be able to switch between making good progress on both this blanket and the Harry Potter books.

Do today's photos look more vibrant than previous WIP Wednesdays? I think so, and it's a result of taking pictures outside today! That's right, I grabbed my camera, my knitting bag, and the poster board (aka my background) and headed to the backyard this afternoon. One of these days I'll making myself a light box, not that this project would even fit in there.

- rl

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