Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reading Material: 2 Months Down

How has it already been a month since the last update?! Working sure does make time fly! I have yet to get my full license (we'll work on that this next month...), so my mom drops me off at the mall on her way to work in the morning, and either her or my dad will pick me up after I get off. Most days I have somewhere around two hours of waiting, so I read.

So this is what I read this month. Or...am in the process of reading:
1. Love Does by Bob Goff
I hated this book...because it was convicting, in ways. It made me want to do something. Not move away and start a school in Africa, but something simpler. This book really challenged me to take it easy. Everything doesn't need to be planned out. In fact, it's more fun if it's not! I did a lot of highlighting in this book. Goff definitely has an interesting take on life that is truly inspiring.

2. The Host by Stephenie Meyer
Sigh. Like I said last month, I love this book. I'm nearly done with it. I've really picked up the pace the last week or so. If you've ever seen this book in real life, though, you know it's huge. There are over 600 pages, and they're large pages at that. It's so worth the read, though. Don't believe the reviews on goodreads.

- rl

Reading Material
Reading Material: 1 Month Down

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