Tuesday, October 08, 2013

What I Learned Today

I guess you could say I learned a few things today.

1: Tumblers cannot survive a fall from a truck to the driveway. Bummer. I've been using it to get drinks during work, but now it looks like I'll have to get a new one before too long. (No, I am not the kind of person to buy new things at every opportunity. Yes, I am the kind of person who is a tad too awkward to deal with anything spilling; therefore, I will be looking for a new tumbler.)

2: I've always hated sunglasses, but they sure come in handy when your mom has you drive to work and the road you're on happens be in the direct line of the sun at 8AM. So, as it turns out, I'll need to get some of those, too.

3: Our Chick-fil-A does not sell Asian salads, despite that they're on the computer screen. Thank God for managers who catch that & deal with the customer for you.

- rl

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