Tuesday, October 01, 2013

1 Month with Sam

It's been four weeks now since that Sunday afternoon when I brought home this little succulent. He's sat on my nightstand every day (except for a few days there when I thought he was getting too much light and I moved him to my desk). I should have watered it at week three, but ended up waiting until week 3.5, but then I watered two days in a row, so I think he'll be fine. To water I've just used a spray bottle, putting some on the soil and some on the little leaves. 

While taking these pictures, I accidentally discovered all these dead leaves when they fell out. Whoops. Anyway, he's looking fresh now with all that out of there, and he's doing well. Not dead yet, so I'm happy. 

- rl

(p.s. With another month down, you can view some of the videos I've watched over the last month here. It hasn't really consisted of lots of music these last few months, which I blame on my fandom obsession. In true nature of a fangirl, "I regret nothing".)

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