Monday, October 07, 2013

Weaving: Attempt #1

Last week, I shared about how I was itching to get crafty using magazine reeds. So, I did. I made over 200 reeds, then decided to try my hand at weaving. At first I only tried the method I knew, then did a bit of research, which is when I realized I could weave by making them farther apart. Since I don't feel like researching again, I don't know what it would be called, but you can compare the one I made with something like this. I know what I did wrong this time, so I'm hoping when I try again this week I can be more successful. I don't know what this basket could be used for. It's pretty flimsy, and not an exact square. Oops.

After I finished that, I asked my little sister if she wanted me to make anything for her, and she brought me two composition books to recover for friends. Those were quick, both done in the time of two Supernatural episodes. 

(You know you watch a lot of Netflix when you measure time by how many episodes you can watch. Needless to say, season nine is just over 48 hours away and I only have 18 or so episodes to go. I've watched a lot in this last week. I recommend it, but not in such a tight time limit.)

Now I'm off to watch more Supernatural and try my hand at weaving another basket or two. 

- rl

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