Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Day I Finally Felt Texan

 (photo by my mom)
 Can you spot the longhorns my mom took pictures of? (photo by my mom)
 (photo by my mom)
(photo by my mom)

This past weekend, my family and I went out to a farm. Kinda. I'm not sure if our friends, who own the land, would call it a farm, but it's way more farm-y than our house in the suburbs. On Friday night I had reiterated to my family that I wanted to shoot a gun, so my dad coordinated for us to go out there Sunday afternoon. I had shot one about six years ago, but only a single shot, and for the last couple months I've been wanting to try my hand at it.

Before we actually started shooting, I did some shooting of my own with the animals they have. (Punny!) The horses are definitely my favorite. They were a little weary of the sound of the camera, which may have been why they kept running away. We had to follow them a few times, but I liked the shots I got of them. 

Now on to the gun shooting. We, a 12 gauge, .45 pistol, and a revolver or two. I think. I don't know gun terminology, I just grabbed the guns and held them where I was instructed. And I think I did pretty good! I don't have any plans to get my CHL anytime soon, but you can definitely see my not-too-shabby shots in the last picture. Mine were the yellows and greens. I think those were with the .45. 

I definitely hope to go shooting again some day! I can't say I was a huge fan of the kick on some of them (especially that 12 gauge!!), but it was fun! But first I'll have to get some real ear muffs for the occasion instead of the little ones that go in your ear. Those didn't do much for all that noise.

- rl

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