Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Branson: Day 3

Our last day in Branson was really just the day we left. There's not really much to say about the day. We woke up, checked out shortly before checkout. Then began the search for breakfast. As I mentioned in yesterday's blog post, I'm not much of a breakfast eater, which always adds a layer of difficulty when it comes time to eat breakfast. I usually will just find something on the menu, though, because I know it's a pain for me to be so picky. Anyway, we couldn't really all agree on anything, so we ended up just heading back over to Hollister and having Sonic. Simple. We can justify our non-breakfast food (the little sister and I had popcorn chicken) with the fact that it was after ten.

On the way home, we listened to The Duck Commander Family: How Faith, Family, and Ducks Built a Dynasty by Willie and Korie Robertson, as well as Mark Schlabach. It was pretty fun to listen to, because on the way there we listened to Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander by Phil Robertson and Mark Schlabach. I really enjoyed learning more about this Louisiana family that we watch on TV. If you don't know anything about their history, I highly suggest at least looking some of it up on Wikipedia. It's pretty unexpected. If you can buy the book, though: even better.

One of my recent addictions is looming. It actually started back in November, but it has resurrected since we switched rooms and I remembered how much I love it. On our trip, my little sister picked out a yarn that she liked and I was able to start and finish a hat for her on the ride home. It takes three hours, tops, to make an adult sized hat.

At least four years ago, when we went to visit some friends that lived outside Tulsa, Oklahoma, they introduced us to Rib Crib. On our trip we saw multiple locations, so we knew we had to stop at the one in Durant on the way back. Since I don't eat ribs (it's not that I'm picky, I'm just not very good at it), I just had an appetizer of cheese fries. Either they were The Best Cheese Fries Ever, or I was Really Hungry. I ate them all, though, which is something I hardly ever do because recently my stomach seems to like to eat "small" portions every hour...aka I get full fast, but am hungry quickly after. Don't ask.

Then, finally, the Red River, which is the sure sign that we're almost home.

Thank you for reading about our little trip!

- rl

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