Monday, August 26, 2013

Branson: Day 1

Last week, my family and I (minus my older sister, who doesn't really vacation with us anymore since she moved out - boo!) headed for a little mini-vacation to Branson, Missouri. Last June I went to Big Cedar Lodge just outside of Branson, so I knew how pretty the mountains were and looked forward to being surrounded by them again. The rest of my family had never been, or not recently at least, so it was kind of a new place for us to try out.

We stayed in Branson, and we're not sure how we felt about the whole thing. It just wasn't quite what we expected. It was still a good time nonetheless, so I decided to split up our three days there into three different blog posts. First up, day one! Like every trip, our first stop was Waffle House. Since I'm not really a breakfast eater, I had some sort of grilled chicken sandwich/grilled cheese.

We went from the flat Texas and Oklahoma terrain...

to the hills (mountains?) of Arkansas and Missouri.

I found this "cellular airtime" sign at a gas station in Fayetteville to be hilarious because Cingular has been gone for, what, five years now?!

At our hotel we had a mini-golf course! We actually played the next night, but I'm getting ahead of myself here!

It was actually a pretty grounds area. Nothing really compares to the area that Big Cedar is in, though.

While preparing for our trip, my mom looked into lots of different restaurants, and she knew she wanted to visit the one with the giant chicken out front!

We ended up eating there for dinner the first night, but we weren't too impressed. I had chicken tenders, which were alright. LOVED the french fries, though.

Ahhh, I love sunsets.

We drove around outside of Branson, which is when we came across this zipline tower. I really wanted to go, especially after watching a YouTube video of it that night, but we never quite fit it into our schedule.
What's better than a roller coaster and a sunset in the same shot?!

I can't say I apologize for all the sky photos, because I don't. I absolutely love pictures of sunsets.

When we got back to the hotel, the little sister and I played Mexican Train. This is her vlogging about how she won the first game. She wasn't looking so happy when I won the next two games, though! Ha! (: 

Tomorrow: Day 2!

- rl

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