Thursday, August 08, 2013

I Want to Remember

Photo taken 08/07.

I want to remember this moment. 

In the moments before this picture, I wondered which exit my dad would take to leave the church after picking me up from youth. Whether we would head home or stop somewhere first. He turned right onto Paige. Down the road he went, me sitting shot gun, wondering the whole way where we were going. Turn on South Colony. Pull into convenience store. No sno cone. 

"You want to get a sno cone?"

Um. Yes.

Turn back onto South Colony. Pull into the parking lot of Larry's (oldest restaurant in town), and Metro Relief (former church offices, current place of ministry). 

Park. Pull out wallet. Ask if I wanted to get them. Possible hesitancy from me. As I climbed out, so did he. We walked up to the little hut, the one I remember from my childhood (not that I'm old now). Waited. Ordered. Chatted with the woman inside. The one we've formed a sort of friendship with. Paid. Sat down at the closest table. Sticky as always.

Enjoyed the moment of just the two of us. On those sticky benches. In that little strip of land. In this little city we call home.

- rl

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