Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My First Dinner Rolls

On Saturday night, I made my first dinner rolls! I thought they would go well with our steak dinner, and they did! Thankfully, we had a few friends over, one of which is a baking master, so he was able to answer a few trivial questions I otherwise would have guessed on.

I used this recipe and loved it. Next time, I think I'll add slightly less flour because it tasted to me like there was a little too much. Also, I would love to find a nice honey butter mix to put on top of the rolls for right as they come out of the oven or something. Overall, the recipe was not too bad and I really look forward to getting to make them again soon!

Before I made these, I also mixed together the steak marinade. I used this recipe, which was a tad complicated, but I think my family liked it. Honestly, I could hardly tell because steak is not necessarily my favorite meat. I can never seem to spend less than a few minutes chewing on one bite. I'm much more of a chicken girl. (:

- rl

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