Monday, May 16, 2016

March Reminiscing

I'm on my third day back home for the summer and I still cannot believe that fact. I also can't believe I only blogged once this past school year. It was a crazy one, but I didn't realize I let this slip by so often. Sophomore year was so good and challenging. While I wish I had documented it better here, I can't change it now. #regret

These are pictures Ally, my roommate, and I took back in March. One Sunday afternoon we decided to ditch homework and take a walk to Lincoln Park, walking back on a route that went through a beautiful neighborhood with some interesting features. We're not positive what the eggs were hanging from the trees for, but they were so beautiful to see.

Right now I am munching on banana chips, baking banana bread, and trying to get my room organized before I start work next week. While I love keeping things to look back on for sentimental reasons, the minimalist I want to be dies at the thought of keeping ALL my journals from middle and high school. Stay tuned to find out who wins the battle...

- rl

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