Monday, February 01, 2016

Women's Weekend Away

This weekend I went on my first women's retreat! I have been going to Holy Trinity Church in Pilsen (a Chicago neighborhood) for the last few months, which led me to join their women's retreat. It was so good. First of all, just getting out of the city (to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin) was much needed. It's been about a decade since I was last in snow like that. "That" being snow on the ground all around you, which is not an occurrence in the city. The main take away for the weekend for me was that Psalms is not just a fluffy book of the Bible (how I always saw it), but one which can (and should!) be studied and applied to our lives. It was so good to get to know the women of this small congregation a little bit.

Another positive thing is this blog post. I cannot believe it has been seven months since I last blogged. That is crazy. I'm hoping to pull my camera out a bit more this semester and possibly even post some of the pictures here, but no promises! (;

- rl

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