Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Banana Bread, Round Two

Less than a week after my first banana bread endeavor, I made a second loaf! I was looking forward to trying a different recipe shortly after making my first loaf, but was disappointed that it was a result of my first loaf growing mold after I had been gone a few days. Just as I was going to pull up Pinterest to look up a different recipe, my mom suggested I try one that had only a few ingredients that she had in one of her cookbooks. She couldn't find the exact recipe she was looking for, but we found another one and I started gathering the supplies.

This loaf felt very different from the start because of its use of Bisquick. Then, when I checked on it a few times while baking, I saw that it was huge, definitely bigger than the previous loaf, the bread starting to go over the sides of the pan, whereas the previous batch barely reached the top of the pan. Then, before even cutting into it, the removal of the bread showed how crumbly it was. This batch was definitely more dry than the previous one, which was disappointed because the moistness of the first batch was my favorite part. All in all, I don't think I'll be making this recipe again.

Today I am watching Building off the Grid: Big Sky Ranch and about to head into work for the first time in three weeks. I took the last two weeks of the semester off to finish up homework and get packed without that added stress, then the first week of summer so I could get some cleaning (and apparently an impromptu trip!!) out of the way. Now, however, it's back to work, which will be good for me. Having so much time off has been weird, but good.

- rl

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