Sunday, October 16, 2016

Open House Chicago

This afternoon we ditched homework and went out for an annual Chicago event - Open House Chicago! I remember seeing the advertisements for this event my freshman year and yet today was the first time I actually got out there! And, believe it or not, we didn't end up at any homes. However, we did run around to a few really unique locations (the Lake Point Tower garden, Columbia Yacht Club, and Blackstone Renaissance Hotel Suite of Presidents - one which we literally ran to get to before it closed!) that would not have been possible without this event! These are just a few pictures from the afternoon. There were so many shots I wish I could have gotten, but our time crunch and a decent amount of other people present prevented me from doing so.

This post is yet another attempt to get back into blogging. I have recently been encouraged by some loved ones to start blogging again, so we'll see how this goes!

- rl

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