Friday, September 06, 2013

My Boy

A great tragedy has occurred: I have not introduced my dog. Well, looking back through my posts, he did appear here, but he has not had a proper introduction like Sam did. So, without further ado,

Meet Mr. Bojangles! The back story on him is this: after my older sister moved out in 2010, her roommate wanted a dog. My sister agreed, then but she somehow ended up actually picking which dog they got. She had always wanted a cat named Mr. Bojangles, but when they saw a dog with that name online, they decided to get him. They kept him for about three weeks, but, as most beagles do, he had separation anxiety. Saying it like that makes it sound very dramatic, but it's just something to deal with. He would whine and have accidents and disturb the neighbor, so my sister and her roommate had to decide whether to pay to keep him at their apartment complex, or take him back to the pound where they would kill him. My sister told my mom this, who told my dad, who decided that we would take him in. Yay!

For a good couple months after we got him, he would whine when my mom would take my little sister and I to school, so she would take him in the car with her. He even whined when I would get out of the car. Needless to say, he and I have been friends from the start. One of the first nights he was here he slept outside my door, then he's been in my room ever since. He usually sleeps on the ground by my bed, but in the winter he'll sometimes get on my bed, which has made for some good pictures. He never stays on there the whole night, though, because he stretches out way too much. When I don't stay the night at home, he sleeps in my parent's closet, but they hate that because he snores. Either his snoring has been less frequent recently, or I have gotten so used to it that I don't even notice it anymore.

He can be really annoying, though. He goes through phases where he just has a ton of accidents, which my mom cleans up 99% of the time (pretty cool woman, right?). Besides that, though, he's a very chill dog. He has certain places in the house that he'll rotate between hanging out at. Not that you really care about my dog's sleeping habits, but they're fascinating. In the summer days, he'll sleep on tile to keep warm. If we're spread out in a couple different rooms, he'll position himself so he can see as many of us as possible. He barks at the sound of a doorbell, which we first discovered during a mattress commercial. We like to distract him while another person goes to knock on the door, because then his fur gets all fluffed up and he huffs. (I don't think he likes that very much.)  He loves to beg for food (especially pizza).

He's a good dog. We love him. He loves us...except for when we wait even a second past dinner time. He loves his food!

- rl

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