Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Meet Sam

I got a plant! Which, of course, you know because you just scrolled through some pictures of it. Anyway! I'm pretty excited about it.

I have wanted fish for a few months now, but then I did some "research" (aka googling on my phone when I should be sleeping) and found that it would take more thought than just getting a fish & feeding it daily; I would need to find just the right fish, then the right sized tank for that fish, then the food, and of course clean it out every now and then. So. I decided against that. I'm sure I can find an app that will bring me that kind of happiness instead - much cheaper.

So then I decided that I wanted a plant. A succulent, to be exact, because I've seen way too many pictures on tumblr to ignore their beauty. Then this weekend, I wanted to buy something. That's not an urge I have often - I hate money - but I kept thinking about what to get. Then we went to WalMart. And I decided to wander off on my own and search for a plant. I almost ended up with a different kind, but this one was already potted and my mom was ready to go so I kept it.

When we got home, I set it on my nightstand and had a photo shoot with it. I love it. It's a Jade succulent. The specs on the plant thingy (pictured) are different than the ones I found online, so I need to some more research so I can know a bit more about how many hours in the sun, how often to water it, etc. Thankfully, though, my mom used to be a huge plant nerd (that's a compliment! It was her major in college!), so I'll be depending on her for plant advice.

And, yes, I named it Sam as in Sam Winchester from Supernatural. So you better believe I have plans to get a Dean and Castiel too. I am currently very obsessed with this show. I started it a few weeks ago and am currently on season four. I have watched countless panels with the cast.

- rl

(p.s. You can view my favorite videos from August 2013 here. There were a lot this month. I find it funny how you can even see how I went from normal "oh, I like this song" to SPN fan mode. Whoops!)

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