Tuesday, September 10, 2013

License to Think

I'm not sure where that title came from, but it's relative, I guess. This post doesn't have one real subject, just a jumble of things to share.

1: Sam. I think he's doing well. Actually, I'm concerned about the brown tips of his...leaves? is that what they are? My mom says it's fine, though, so I'm not going to argue that. I tried to find another plant this weekend, but couldn't find any that I knew for sure were indoors AND didn't need to be repotted. Apparently repotted is not a word. Obviously I do not care.

2: Am I the only one who has very weird thoughts? Ex: we pay a ton of people a ton of money to entertain us. By watching TV, movies, etc. we encourage people to dedicate their lives to doing things that bring us happiness. I don't see it as a problem, necessarily, but I think it's weird.

3: Since I'm going to be here a while, I knew I had to get my license. So we've been working on that. We were under the impression that I needed to read the driver's handbook, take the permit test, learn to drive/take a six hour online course, then go take the driving test. Yesterday morning, my dad and I made the trek over to the DPS office, waited in line for an hour, then were informed that we're wrong. I have to take the online course, then I can either get my license, or get a permit so I can legally learn to drive. Awesome. Thanks. Also, your website sucks. So then, while my dad worked up at the church, I sat in his office and started the course. I finished 41% yesterday, and I will hopefully finish the rest today. I'm doing it through this website, and so far I don't hate it too much. It involves lots of videos, which makes it helpful to see what kinds of turns are legal/illegal. The videos only suck when they're 12 minutes long, you answer one question about the percentage of crashes that happen in your age group, then, because you got it wrong, you have to watch the whole video over again. Yes, really.

So now I'm off to cocoon myself in my quilt (like usual) and finish up this course. Once I finish, the certificate should arrive within a few days, and then I can go get my license. (I am not excited. At all.)

- rl

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