Thursday, January 01, 2015

A New Year's Day

After the shortest work day since I've been back, the family got out and continued our New Year's Day tradition: Babe's Chicken for good food and black eyed peas. Because we were so close in Carrollton, we stopped by Vitruvian Park in Addison to see the lights, and it turned out to be the last night of them! We went nearly two weeks ago now, and I was so happy to have my camera with me this time.

Speaking of the last two weeks, I have not blogged. That will all change tomorrow, though, when I catch up on my day off. I've been working a lot of hours since I've been back, and I'm excited to have some time to get myself organized!! I think I have my goals for this year laid out, but I'm making these with the knowledge that life changes.

1. Read 12 new books, in varying categories.
2. Take a picture every day and upload it to Flickr.
3. Blog as much as possible.
4. Knit/crochet/etc. with a purpose.
5. Apply the things I learn.
6. Take better care of myself.

I'll expand on these at some point, but for now I need to apply #6 and go to bed!

- rl

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