Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Introducing Joanie English

October 28
Today! They grow so fast!
Joanie's view of the city from our window.

It's hard for me to believe that I haven't posted about Joanie yet! It has now been two months since I went on an impromptu trip to Mariano's and came home with a Gerbera Daisy. There's a whole album of pictures on my phone dedicated to the many pictures I've taken of her progression. It has been such a delight to have her.

Why Joanie English? Well, that same night my roommate and I watched Johnny English (#classic) so naming her after that hilarity only seemed right.

When I first got her she had three blooms. A few weeks later those all shriveled up and died, a time which made me die a little inside. No joke. I was so afraid that there would be no more blooms. She had tiny blooms (is that what they're called?) from the start, but none of them had grown while those other three were alive so I knew there were no real guarantees. However, a few weeks after that, we noticed one of them actually start to grow more, and here we are today, one bloom standing so tall. And she has so many leaves!! The only ones we've lost were because of the window being open, the door opening, and gravity taking over...which results in broken leaves and dirt to be vacuumed.

Who knew I could dedicate a whole blog post to a plant? Actually, if you dig far enough in my archives you can find my monthly updates for my first plant. What a sad journey that was. My first post about Sam depicted a lovely plant. Fast forward six months, however, and my last post about him is comical. I murdered that poor plant. So I guess I'm so excited about Joanie because she is doing very well!

Can you tell I'm procrastinating homework just a little bit? Rambling on and on about my past and present relationships with my plants..oh boy.

- rl

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