Saturday, May 02, 2015

Roomie Date in River North

Tonight we had what was probably our best roomie date yet! We went to a place called Blaze Pizza that has decently cheap thin crust pizza. So good! The best part is that we both only ate half of ours so that we could eat the second half for dinner tomorrow night, which is the only time a meal isn't served on campus. This will definitely be a place to bring people when they come to visit! 

After that, we ventured to Eataly, an Italian restaurant and shop that is my go-to for a treat: sorbet! However, when we got there the line was longer than I'd ever seen it, which is really saying something. We opted instead to just walk around the store a little bit and get a little info on the shape of cheese before heading back into the nightlife of River North in Chicago. Ally got frozen yogurt and then we stopped by my Chick-fil-A so I could say hi to coworkers and get a drink. 

After getting back to campus we had to go to the library to get a DVD for children's church in the morning. We ended up spending some time catching up with one of the guys on our brother floor. The three of us eat breakfast together several times a week, but we're not super talkative at 7.30am. 

Overall we had a great night! We did so much in a matter of a few hours, and it felt great to walk around the city being a little dressed up and avoiding spiders in that one window display...ew! It was almost as fun as playing in the park this afternoon with Ally and her little man (the boy she nannies). The little guy thinks the three of us should be best friends because our birthdays are all in successive months, yet he hardly spoke a word to me.

- rl

p.s. two weeks until I go home! I talked with my mom while on my break at work today. Thirty minutes of feeling at home. It was lovely! I miss my mom's voice just discussing the day's events, and I'm excited to hear it for three whole months!! 

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