Friday, June 12, 2015

FO Friday: Simple Crochet Shrug

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey look I'm blogging! A finished object (FO)! Shocking, I know. This was one of 20 projects I had marked on ravelry to finish up in some way. For this project, it was that it needed to be seamed together and then photographed. That's it. It took me less than thirty minutes to seam it Wednesday night while hanging out with my friend Emily, then before work yesterday I posed for some pictures in it.

It could definitely be better. First, I would not toss out the leftover yarn I had, so that I could seam it using matching yarn. While the contrasting color would be nice in certain palletes, I'm not sure this was the one to experiment on. Good thing it's for me and perfectly matching is not really my style. The second thing I would change would be the drape of the fabric. While it will be nice to have a cozy + warm shrug for classes and cold dorm rooms, I originally wanted something that was a lot lighter. Thankfully, it's a very simple pattern, so I definitely can see myself making at least one more of these and perfecting it as I go.

Regarding blogging, I definitely want to get back into it. Since arriving back home, it has simply been my priority to spend time with loved ones, work, and get various things organized. Now that my books are mostly organized and over half of the Ravelry projects I was stressing out about have been settled, I can start to think about blogging and getting back into creating things (like the sweater I cast on yesterday!!!).

See ya soon!
- rl

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