Monday, March 30, 2015

Textbooks - Spring 2015

The semester is over halfway done, but I just remembered about doing this. Better late than never, right? If anything, it's nice to actually post about these and already know so much about them. These are the books I had to get for this semester. I only own one or two of these, and even those are shared with Ally, my roommate.

There are several of these books, however, which I would love to own some day.I saw something online last semester about how one way to save money in college is to sell back the textbooks you have to buy. I am taking this to heart by only borrowing the books I need for class, or buying them and then selling them at the next semester's book sale. Worst case scenario, I'll come back to Chicago several years after graduation and buy some of these same used books from students at that time.

- rl

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